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Dr Mary Waldron

Consultant in Nephrology

CHI at Crumlin

Dr Mary Waldron is a consultant in Nephrology and practices primarily in CHI at Crumlin. For referral information, please see the contact details opposite. Referrals from GPs and Secondary Care Paediatricians are accepted via Healthlink

Contact Details

CHI at Crumlin


CHI at Temple Street
Outpatient Department
Tel: (01) 8784758
Tel: (01) 878 5588
Tel: (01) 878 4757

CHI at Crumlin
Renal Clinical Nurse Specialist
Tel: (01) 6029 / 6803
Renal Secretary
Tel: (01) 409 6680 / 6681
Nephrologist Consultant
Tel: (01) 409 6100

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