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Blood tests

Blood tests are one of the most common medical tests, and take just a few minutes to complete. They help doctors understand more about your current health.

Book/manage a blood test appointment

All blood tests are booked through an online system called Swiftqueue and need a GP referral. Blood tests must be booked in advance.

Please do not attend without an appointment.

Important note

Please note that CHI at Connolly can’t perform the following blood tests: Ammonia Lactate ACTH PTH Group and Crossmatch Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2

Clinic locations

We offer blood tests at each of our hospital sites, so you can book at a location that suits you. Your appointment letter will tell you when and where to arrive for your appointment. Please check it carefully.

Preparing for a blood test

It’s important that you follow any recommendations your doctor gives you. Not following the rules may affect the results of your child’s test. Please tell us if your child has any additional needs when booking, so we can make the test as quick and comfortable as possible for them.


Sometimes your child may be asked to fast before their blood test. This means they’re not allowed to eat or drink (except water) for up to 12 hours before their appointment. Your doctor will let you know what type of test is needed and if your child needs to fast, or not.

If your child is fasting, please book the earliest appointment available.

Your appointment

All children must be accompanied by only one parent or guardian during their blood test. For your child’s appointment please:

  • arrive on time, as we may not be able to see you if you’re late
  • bring your child’s blood request form to the clinic.

We will try our best to see you at the allocated time. However, sometimes delays happen that can’t be helped. Please be aware that you may need to wait for a short time.


The results from your child’s blood test will be sent to the doctor who ordered it. This may be your GP or a consultant at the hospital. The phlebotomy department does not have access to results, and can’t give you them.

Cancelling an appointment

If you can’t attend your appointment, please cancel it so that another child can access the service. You can cancel or amend your appointment through Swiftqueue.

For healthcare professionals

Please use a GP request form to request blood tests. If this is not possible, letters must be typed. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.

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