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Green campus & sustainability

Children are one of the most vulnerable populations to the impacts of climate change due to lifetime exposure and physiological differences to adults as they grow and develop.

Our vision

As a paediatric healthcare provider CHI has a legal and moral responsibility to take action against climate change by adopting sustainable practices which lead to significant reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The Green Campus programme is in place to engage the whole of CHI’s staff and wider stakeholders in a long term commitment to sustainability within CHI.

  • The vision for CHI is to provide a health service that provides the highest quality care to our patients without compromising planetary health.
  • Patients will be cared for a hospital that is environmentally conscious and efficient in its operations, boosts biodiversity, supports circularity in its supply chain and is a leader at community, national and international levels in addressing the impacts of climate change.
  • All CHI staff, students and contractors are required to co-operate and support CHI’s Sustainability and Carbon Management Policy. Our families, patients and communities will be fundamental in helping us achieve our vision.

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Our achievements

  • CHI won silver at the Healthcare without Harm Climate Action Awards in 2022. CHI was awarded for its climate resilience and leadership.
  • CHI won sustainable project of the year at the IHEEM 2022 conference

An Taisce Green Campus

CHI recognises our patients are passionate about climate action and protecting our planet. Many of our patients would have engaged with the ‘An Taisce Green Schools’ programmes through their primary and secondary education. An Taisce run a green campus programme, born from green schools, for third level education institutions and hospitals. CHI registered on the ‘An Taisce Green Campus Programme’ in September 2022 and will work towards achieving ‘Green Flag status’ by 2024. The programme requires 18-24 months of work on improving a combination of An Taisce’s sustainability themes with CHI focusing on Litter and Waste and Energy improvement for our initial assessment period.

More information on the Green Flag programme can be found here.

Additional information

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