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Prof Afif El-Khuffash

Associate Professor of Neonatology

CHI at Temple Street

Professor Afif El-Khuffash is the associate Professor of Neonatology and practices primarily in CHI at Temple Street.

Referrals should be made to CHI by the relevant maternity/neonatal unit. Referrals from GPs are not accepted – please make a referral to General Paediatrics or other relevant service.

Certain conditions (e.g., relating to Cardiology, Oncology or Neurosurgery) should be referred to the appropriate CHI site. All other referrals should be made to CHI Neonatology and the most appropriate site for admission will be determined by the service.

To refer a non-urgent or non-acute patient to CHI Neonatology, please contact a CHI Consultant Neonatologist and submit the request through the CHI Patient Flow team.

For admissions to ICU, please follow the PICU bridge process and alert a CHI Neonatologist. CHI Neonatology should be notified of all CHI surgical consults or requests for admission.

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