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Chaplains are professionals specifically trained in pastoral care in a hospital setting. Chaplaincy ministry is about expressing respect and care, listening in a compassionate way and helping to create a space which recognises each person’s spiritual needs.

Our chaplains visit the wards daily and you may see one of us during your stay. If we miss you on our visits, or you would like to see a different minister of religion, please ask a nurse to contact the chaplaincy department.

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Our services

We provide patients, their families, and staff with religious, spiritual, and emotional support.

Our Role includes:

  • Listening to you with empathy and compassion in a non-judgmental way.
  • Assisting you in drawing on your inner spiritual resources as an important element in the healing process.
  • Ensuring that you have access to religious practices and rituals that will sustain you in times of difficulty, stress, and distress.
  • Working as part of the multidisciplinary team to support the delivery of holistic healthcare.
  • Assisting you in the theological, ethical and spiritual aspects of making important healthcare-related decisions.
  • Advocating for you, taking into account your spiritual, cultural and social values.
  • Contacting your faith representative if you so request.
  • Fostering a culture of spirituality within the hospital.
  • Providing pastoral support to fellow staff members.
  • Providing pastoral, religious, emotional, and practical support to bereaved families.

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On this page you will find information about:

Hospital chapels

For healthcare professionals

Staff Support
Our chaplains provide support to our staff members. Feel free to drop by our offices or contact us by email or through switch.

Referral Pathway
Staff and teams can refer patients and their families to the Chaplaincy service by ward referral forms, email or through switch.

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