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Clinical genetics

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Clinical Genetics specialises in the diagnosis and management of conditions with a known or probable genetic basis. We help individuals and their families to understand their condition and its implications, and their options with regards reproduction, screening, prevention, and management.

We offer wide-ranging clinical services including genetic assessment, counselling and testing for both childhood and adult genetic disorders, including hereditary cancer and non-cancer genetic disorders.

Appointments are available in person, virtually or by telephone, depending on the referral reason.

Contact us

Call this line if you have a query about your child’s stay in the hospital such as date of admission.

Our services

  • Genetic risk assessment
  • Clinical review
  • Genetic testing:
  • Carrier testing
  • Diagnostic testing to try identify a genetic cause for a health condition/family history
  • Predictive testing for a known genetic disorder in a family
  • Prenatal testing for a known genetic disorder in a family
  • Genetic counselling including reproductive information

We offer clinical genetics services for a wide number of indications:

  • >10,000 single gene disorders e.g. Cystic Fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Fragile X Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Childhood developmental delay
  • Chromosome disorders
  • Hereditary cancer
  • Inherited Cardiac conditions
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Neurological disorders

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