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An optometrist is a healthcare provider who has specialised in detecting and correcting conditions that affect vision and eye health.

The main roles of a hospital optometrist is to provide specialist refraction, eye examinations and paediatric contact lens services.

The optometrist typically works alongside the Orthoptists and the Ophthalmologists providing a multidisciplinary team approach to eye care.

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The role includes

  • testing to determine the optimal glasses prescription and vision
  • contact lens fitting for children following cataract extraction
  • examination of children suffering from additional medical conditions and screening for associated eye complications

Conditions we treat

Patients that will be reviewed in the Orthoptic Department include those with:

  • reduced vision due to refractive error (need for glasses)
  • specialist contact lens fitting e.g. congenital cataract, irregular ocular surface, high prescriptions
  • stable ocular disease
  • myopia Management

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