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CHI Psychology Department

Psychologists help children and young people with the difficult feelings they have about their health condition.

We are a team of clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and neuropsychologists who work with children and young people attending Children’s Health Ireland.

We help with aspects of managing health conditions that might be difficult for children and their families. This can include taking medicine, having operations, knowing how to talk to friends about health, or worries about feeling or looking different.

We also help children and families in situations where stress or other difficulties have impacted on a child’s health.

We use talking therapies, play, and art to understand children’s difficulties from a psychological perspective. Psychologists are trained in a variety of evidence based therapeutic approaches that are selected to best fit your child. We work with children individually and sometimes in groups.

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Some children who have medical/neurological conditions such as a head injury, epilepsy or stroke might come to see the neuropsychologist for an assessment of their memory, problem solving, learning skills, social skills and attention. These results provide a better understanding of your child’s behaviour and learning in school, at home, and in the community.

Where needed, specific strategies can be developed to support your child and guide your child’s teacher and/ or therapists and you as parents to better help your child to achieve their potential.

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