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Haematology Oncology Day Unit (HODU)

HODU is a 15-bedded unit that cares for children and young people who require haematology and oncology day case treatment.

Staying with your child

Most of our patients are immunocompromised and undergoing long and sometimes difficult treatment. We ask that 2 people maximum, immediate family only, attend with the patient at any one time.


  • WiFi is available
  • Spare clothing, pyjamas, overnight toiletries are available in case of accidents or unexpected stay overnight
  • DVDs, PlayStation, X Box, Arts and crafts, toys and puzzles, Beads of Courage with our play specialist plus Children in Hospital volunteers
  • Hot lunch each day plus breakfast and snacks/sandwiches on request throughout the day.
  • Parents or patients are not permitted in the kitchen. Please ask Health Care Assistant or any member of staff should you require water or anything else from kitchen
  • Re-heating your own food is not permitted in the Day Unit as per hospital policy Health and Safety

How to find Haematology Oncology Day Unit (HODU)

crumlin map


Haemocology Oncology Day Unit CHI at Crumlin Cooley Rd Crumlin Dublin 12 D12 N512

Contact details

For HODU, ring: + 353 (0) 1 409 6649.

What is treated

The Haematology Oncology Day Unit is a 15-bedded unit that treats:

  • Haematology patients requiring Day Case treatment and education for patients with clotting disorders and red cell disorders
  • Patients on the Chronic Blood Transfusion Programme, including Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassemia and Diamond Blackfan Anemia
  • Patients with clotting disorders requiring treatment pre day case theatre procedures including dental work
  • Patients for DDAVP Trial or Factor trial
  • Emergency admissions for Haemophilia patients with joint bleed or trauma
  • Malignant Haematology and Oncology patient
  • Emergency admissions for malignant Haem/Onc patients who are febrile, vomiting or generally unwell following their treatment
  • Patients having an MRI, MIBG, CT scans with sedation, Removal of Hickman or Port

Opening hours

Open from Monday – Friday 7:45am - 7:00pm. After this time, St Johns Ward will provide care to malignant haem/onc patients.

  • Elective admission to the HODU is limited between 12:30hrs - 14:00Hrs. This is to avoid extended waiting times as morning patients may still be receiving treatment and there is reduced staff over the lunchtime period
  • Exceptions can apply and the nurse may ask you to attend between these times, should your treatment require it. The Admission clerk, will always check with the nurse in charge before asking you to wait
  • Patients requiring admission as an emergency e.g. febrile, joint bleed or generally unwell, can attend anytime. Please phone ahead to 01 409 6649
  • Patients with red blood cell disorders for planned blood transfusions:
    • 14:00hrs is latest appointment time, if blood cross matched the day before.
    • 12:00hrs is latest appointment time, if blood samples have to be taken for transfusion on same day.
  • Saturday and Sunday care, will be provided by St Johns ward in-patient ward for Malignant Haematology Oncology patients, however plans are in discussion to open HODU on Sat and Sun with reduced staff
  • Bank Holiday Mondays, HODU is open with reduced staff. Medical cover is on call

Services supported by this ward

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