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St. Brigid’s Ward

A high dependency ward that cares for children and teens with inherited metabolic disorders.

Staying with your child

If you’d like to stay with your child in the hospital, we can provide a single mattress for one parent or guardian to use beside their bed. There are also a small number of rooms available within our parent accommodation.


During your child’s stay with us you’ll have access to our:

  • playroom
  • hospital school
  • play specialist
  • social work team
  • hospital chapel
  • parent’s room

Meal times

Meals will be served at your child’s bedside for:

  • breakfast, at 8:30am
  • dinner, at 12:30pm
  • tea time, at 4:15pm
  • supper, at 8:30pm

Prescription diets, halal and vegetarian meals are available on request.

St.Brigid’s Ward provides the highest standard of care to children from the ages of 0 to 18, who are suspected of having a metabolic disorder.

How to find St. Brigid’s Ward

Map CHI at Temple Street


St. Brigid’s Ward CHI at Temple Street Temple Street Dublin 1

Ward manager

Ward Manager

Contact details

Tel: (01) 878 4374 or (01) 878 4375.

Additional information

Our ward has 9 beds and is high dependency. This means your child will be closely monitored throughout the day and night, and will receive a more extensive level of care than they would on a normal ward. Our team is consultant led, and includes medical staff, nurses, dieticians, psychologists and social worker.

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