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Children's Health Ireland urges parents to never, ever allow children on or near a ride-on lawnmower

Each spring and summer in Children’s Health Ireland (CHI), our trauma teams treat children with devastating injuries from ride-on lawnmowers. At least two children present to CHI each season following ride-on lawnmower accidents, and our trauma teams report life-threatening injuries, including amputations of upper and lower limbs. While this can affect all ages, toddlers are particularly at risk.

May 1, 2024


““Children should be nowhere near ride-on lawnmower machinery or activity, even if they are supervised by an adult. Adults should never, ever allow a child to be a passenger or to sit on their knee on a ride-on lawnmower. The accidents that we see every year happen when a child is riding on with a parent and falls off or when they are following the lawnmower and slip under it. The child then gets caught in the moving blades and, as you can imagine, these injuries are devastating and potentially life-threatening.”
Catherine de Blacam, Consultant Plastic Surgeon in CHI at Crumlin

The only safe way to mow the lawn when young children are present is to have another adult watch them indoors and far from the very real danger.


  1. Life-changing injury from a lawnmower blade only takes a second.
  2. Children should not operate lawnmowers.
  3. No riders other than the operator should be allowed on a riding mower.
  4. Children should never be outside when a lawnmower is in use.
  5. Teach children to avoid running after or alongside lawnmowers.
  6. Children who have been given a ride on a mower in the past, may run into the area unexpectedly.
  7. Remove stones, toys and sticks from the area before mowing.
  8. If operating a riding mower in reverse, always look for children behind the mower.
  9. Riding mowers should be driven up and down slopes to avoid the mower tipping over.
  10. A running lawnmower should not be left unattended.

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