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HSE encourages the public to consider all care options this Easter Bank Holiday weekend

The HSE is today asking the public to consider all care options this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

March 28, 2024

The HSE is today asking the public to consider all care options this Easter Bank Holiday weekend and would like to remind them of other services that might be helpful, including their GPs, pharmacists, injury units, and GP out of hours services before presenting at emergency departments (EDs).

All patients who present to our emergency departments will be seen and treated, with the sickest and most urgent patients being prioritised. We urge any patient requiring emergency hospital treatment not to delay and come to the ED, or dial 999 or 112 in an emergency. We also request people to only use these services when it is urgent. We acknowledge that patients presenting with non-urgent injuries may face longer waiting times, depending on the number of patients attending and the severity of patient illnesses. Our staff work hard to do all they can to reduce the length of time patients wait in EDs and we apologise when patients experience long delays.

Commenting Grace Rothwell, National Director, Acute Operations, HSE said: “Our hospitals continue to be extremely busy. Our emergency departments in particular continue to see significantly increased numbers of patients attending and being admitted. We continue to work hard across our hospital and community services to minimise the length of time patients wait to be treated, particularly those aged over 75.

“The HSE has plans in place across its hospital and community services to support high attendances at its emergency departments over the Easter holiday weekend. Our hospital and community teams continue to work closely to enable patients move as quickly as possible through the hospital system. This includes actions to support patients avoid ED admission, improving the experience of patients while in ED, making sure there is efficiency of movement within the hospitals and timely discharge to community services and other care supports. National and local management continue to work together, including throughout the public holiday weekend to support the system and make timely decisions where required.

“It is important that people continue to consider all options and pathways available to them before attending an ED, including injury units, GP Out of Hours, GPs and community pharmacy.”

Injury units treat injuries that are not life-threatening, such as broken bones, dislocations, sprains, wounds, scalds and minor burns.

Details of injury unit locations and what they can and cannot treat are available here

GP Out of Hours information is available on the HSE website here

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