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Read the recent articles in the Press from CHI

Read the recent articles in the media from CHI

Jan. 3, 2024

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Read the recent articles in the Press from CHI

Lead by example to kickstart their fitness

Parental support for physical activity is critical, and finding a sport they enjoy will reap greater long-term rewards than looking for high results, writes Helen O’Callaghan (Irish Examiner)

Dr Rachel Flanagan, senior counselling psychologist with the Child and Adolescent Obesity Management Service at Children’s Health Ireland (CHI), Temple Street.

Lights, camera, action: No need to sugarcoat this new pill for children

A camera that can be swallowed goes to the depths of a child’s gut that no scope can reach (Irish Times)

Dr Séamus Hussey, clinical lead for gastroenterology

Peer pressure: The disturbing rise in abuse of teenage girls by boys their own age

Profileration of violent adult pornography online being linked to an almost 30pc increase,writes Maeve Sheehan (Sunday Independent)

Breege Maxwell, interim director of the Alders Unit at Tallaght

‘I was lying there, staring at the wall, thinking, Oh God, this is it’ Sunday Independent

Aideen Walsh, co-ordinator of the Paediatric Forensic Medical Clinic, CHI Tallaght.

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