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Project Ogham

What is Project Ogham? Pronunciation: Ogham = “Oh-um” or ”O-um” Project Ogham is the Electronic Health Record Project. Project Ogham is the foundation to the new children’s hospital being the first truly digital hospital in the country.

Why Ogham?

Why Ogham?
Ogham signifies communication – Ogham stones were used in medieval Ireland to communicate important messages.

The use of Ogham stones as the symbol for our project aims to visualise a method of record that has both meaning, solidity and longevity, while reflecting the Irish nature of the project.

What is the Electronic Healthcare Record?
Electronic Health Records (EHR) replace traditional paper-based health and social care records with comprehensive medical record in electronic form that captures care encounters for an individual across different healthcare providers.

An EHR system supports the recording, updating and retrieving of information in the electronic health record and allows healthcare providers to deliver care more effectively. It will enable the sharing of key patient information effectively in Irish healthcare and will support health and social care professionals in delivering care to patients CHI has recently chosen Epic as its provider for our EHR. The successful deployment of the EHR will involve many other digital elements and systems, for example, medical devices, catering systems and some administrative systems.

Project O

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Meet the CxIO Team

At CHI we now have a team of four senior leaders from pharmacy, nursing, HSCP and medical whose main role is to make sure that clinicians have a say in all the digital systems going into the new hospital. Although, they have no superpowers or extra money to hand out, they can be helpful to any colleague who is interested in, or would like to understand a little more about, digital ways of working in the current CHI hospitals or the work going on in preparation for our new hospital. Their main focus is on Project Ogham which is the project dealing with the full range of digital systems going into this new hospital and in particular the new electronic health record (Epic).

Please feel free to contact them with any questions/queries you might have.

CXio Team

From right to left: (Chief HSCP Information Officer), (Chief Nursing Information Officer), (Chief Medical Information Officer), (Chief Pharmacy Information Officer).

CHI Digital Health Programme

The CHI Digital Health Programme is transforming patient care across the CHI network. This is called Project Ogham. One key way this transformation will occur is by introducing the EPIC system on Day 1. All staff will be trained on how to use this system several weeks before the go-live date.

What is Epic?

Epic is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system that is used by hospitals and healthcare organisations around the world. It provides clinicians with access to all of a patient's medical information in one place, including their medical history, medications, allergies, and test results. There are many modules within EPIC this week we will focus on Beacon.

Discover modules within the EHR

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