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Haematology is a branch of medicine involving the study and treatment of blood.

We provide diagnostic services for a full range of red cell and haemoglobin disorders. We also treat and manage these disorders. We have access to drug therapies and regular blood transfusion regimes as required. We work closely with other specialist teams at CHI at Crumlin and provide an advisory service for other clinicians in Ireland. We provide “whole of life care” with our Adult red cell centre at St James to ensure a seamless transition between programmes.

Our team consists of doctors, nurses, psychologist, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, school teachers, play therapists and laboratory scientists.

We have 4 outpatient clinics per week and a day ward that operates 5 days/week (Monday-Friday 8am-7pm).

We also manage our own inpatient group. We provide clinical leadership for the red cell and blood transfusion laboratories and supervise the Haemovigilance service at CHI at Crumlin.

Contact us

Call this line if you have a query about your child’s stay in the hospital such as date of admission.

Our services

We provide diagnostic and management for a wide range of congenital and acquired red cell and haemoglobin disorders including:

  • sickle cell disease
  • thalassaemia syndromes
  • other haemoglobin disorders
  • red cell membrane disorders
  • red cell enzyme disorders
  • acquired Haemolytic Anaemias
  • erythrocytosis

We can provide blood transfusion therapy and hydroxyurea for the management of sickle cell and Thalassaemia syndromes. Transfusion therapy is also available for other red cell disorders in association with iron overload monitoring and management, including Ferriscan and T2* estimation of iron burden. Our management strategies include transcranial Doppler studies and brain MRI for the detection of cerebrovascular events in Sickle cell disease. We can provide neonatal screening for red cell and haemoglobin disorders on request.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

After hours; Emergencies are seen in the CHI Crumlin Emergency Department

After hours advice by contacting the on call haematology team through CHI Crumlin switch board at 01 4096100


All ward staff undergo education in the management of Sickle Cell Disease and have management protocols in place but the two designated wards for Haemoglobinopathy patients are St. Michaels and St. Peters Wards.

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