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St. Michael's Ward

St. Michael's Ward is a 22-bedded medical/surgical ward for infants and children which includes the Cystic Fibrosis wing which consists of 4 en-suite isolation rooms and a lounge/kitchen.

Staying with your child

Parents/Guardians have 24 hour access to visit their child in St. Michael's Ward.

Parent facilities:

  • You are asked to provide clothes, nappies and toiletries for your infant/child
  • Two electric breast pumps are available on loan to mothers during your infants hospital stay
  • Formula feeds are available if required, please inform your nurse if your infant has any special dietary requirements. Formula cannot be poured down a cubicle sink; your nurse will dispose of any used formula
  • Parent’s kitchen: Please label your food with your child's name and the date and place in the fridge/ press otherwise it will be discarded
  • Parents/guardians toilet and shower at the end of the ward


During your child’s stay with us you’ll have access to our:

  • playroom
  • hospital school
  • play specialist
  • social work team
  • hospital chapel
  • parent’s room

Meal times

Meals will be served at your child’s bedside for:

  • breakfast, at 8:30am
  • dinner, at 12:30pm
  • tea time, at 4:15pm
  • supper, at 8:30pm

Prescription diets, halal and vegetarian meals are available on request.

How to find St. Michael's Ward

crumlin map


St. Michael's Ward CHI at Crumlin Cooley Rd Crumlin Dublin 12 D12 N512

Contact details

For the St. Michael's Ward, ring: +353 (0)1 409 6405.

Infection control/Safety

  • We ask that every time you enter and leave the ward and cubicle you wash your hands using soap and water or alcohol gel pumps provided. We also ask that you wash your hands in your cubicle before handling your infant/child and after nappy care
  • Please do not hesitate to ask any member of hospital staff if they have washed their hands or used hand gel prior to handling your infant/child.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for an infant/child to be nursed in isolation. St. Michaels ward has 9 rooms to facilitate this requirement if needed. If there is an isolation sign on your infant/child's cubicle please discuss with your nurse how this effects you and your infant
  • Information leaflets are available for certain isolation conditions, please ask your nurse regarding same
  • Your cubicle/bed space is cleaned daily by household staff. To ensure they can clean the cubicle properly, please ensure your room is tidy, all items are stored in the locker provided and clutter free nothing can be stored on the floor. We do not have a facility to store items such as suitcases/buggies therefore, they must be taken home
  • A small number of buggies are available on the ward if parents wish to bring their infant for a walk, providing they are not nursed in isolation
  • It is necessary that your child can be seen at all times; please do not cover the windows
  • Hot drinks are not allowed in the cubicles. Parent’s kitchen provided to facilitate same
  • Cot sides must be pulled up to ensure the safety of your infant. If leaving your child unattended, please inform your nurse
  • Please ensure your infant/child's name band is not removed, a staff member will replace it if is removed or falls off

Services supported by this ward

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