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St. Anne's Ward

St. Anne's Ward cares for children and young patients who has a burn injury by means of heat (scald, contact, flame), cold (frostbite), electricity or chemicals.


During your child’s stay with us you’ll have access to our:

  • playroom
  • hospital school
  • play specialist
  • social work team
  • hospital chapel
  • parent’s room

Meal times

Meals will be served at your child’s bedside for:

  • breakfast, at 8:30am
  • dinner, at 12:30pm
  • tea time, at 4:15pm
  • supper, at 8:30pm

How to find St. Anne's Ward

crumlin map


St. Anne's Ward CHI at Crumlin Cooley Rd Crumlin Dublin 12 D12 N512

Contact details

For St. Anne's Ward, ring: +353 (0)1 409 6521.

Care during hospitalisation

As well as normal day to day nursing care, there is specific care related to the care of a burn which include:

Services supported by this ward

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